Looking for an enthusiastic translator with a passion for language and attention to detail? You’ve come to the right place!

I provide translations in the following language combinations:

  • English – Dutch / Dutch-English
  • Latin – Dutch / Dutch – Latin
  • Latin – English / English – Latin

As a translator, I specialise in everything to do with film, tv and media, from subtitle translation and QC, to translation of metadata and even entire movie scripts.

My work is not limited to audiovisual translations, however. Letters, websites, literature, technical manuals, music… These are only a few of the many areas for which you can contact me.

When translating, I put all my effort in providing a fluent text that remains true to the original text.  Therefore your translation will be both correct and a pleasure to read.

In addition to translations, you can also contact me for other services. Have you written or translated a text in English, Dutch or perhaps even in Latin, and you want someone to revise it? No problem. Spelling, grammar, a sentence that’s not quite working yet… I’ll have a look at it all.

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