Who am I

11006396_812644962142147_4428928084902972185_nMy entire life language has been one of my passions. As a child you couldn’t keep me away from my books: if you saw me, you also saw a book. At first in Dutch, my mother tongue, and later on in English and even in Latin. And not to forget: the many stories and poems I wrote. It was only logical, then, that I would turn this interest into my profession.

A first step in this direction was the choice of my study programme. At eighteen years old I enrolled at the University of Leuven for a BA language and literature in Latin and English. After three years I added an MA to this, and in the subsequent year I also completed a specific teacher training programme for languages.

This did not satisfy me, however. You can’t merely study a language on paper, after all, you also have to experience it. And where better to turn your English into practice than in Great Britain? Apart from my many recreational trips to London I took part in three summer courses in the UK: courses on King Arthur and on the English language at the University of Oxford, a Latin course at the University of Reading and an initiation into Ancient Greek at the University College of London. Of course, my Dutch cannot be neglected either. That’s why I still enrol regularly in writing courses and coaching sessions.

Since September 2013 I’ve been teaching Latin, English and Dutch to secondary school students aged 14-18. In the autumn of 2014 I’ve added an activity as a freelancer to this and ‘Vertalingen Vanhengel’ saw the light of day. Since then I’ve had to pleasure to finish many translations and proofreading assignments in numerous fields: architecture, film scenarios, theology, contracts and general terms and conditions, poems, medieval Latin texts, a book on diabetes. No subject is avoided, no challenge is too great. I’m already looking forward to the challenges that the future may bring.